Etna, California, U.S.A.

Faculty and Staff


  • Archimandrite Akakios
    • B.A. (Political Science), California State University
    • Lic. Theol. (Pastoral Theology), C.T.O.S.
    • Dr. of Min. (Pastoral Theology), San Francisco Theological Seminary
    • • Areas: pastoral theology and practice, Orthodox spirituality, history
    • • Prior Academics: Associate Director, C.T.O.S.
  • Bishop Auxentios
    • B.A. (Religion), Princeton University
    • Lic. Theol. (Patristic Theology), C.T.O.S.
    • Th.D. (Liturgical Theology), Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley
    • • Areas: liturgical history and theory, Orthodox worship, homiletics
    • • Prior Academics: Director, C.T.O.S.
  • Metropolitan (Emeritus) Chrysostomos
    • B.A., M.A. (History), University of California
    • B.A. (Psychology), California State University
    • Lic. Theol. (Patristic and Historical Theology), C.T.O.S.
    • M.A., (Psychology), Princeton University
    • Ph.D. (Psychology), Princeton University
    • • Areas: psychology of religion, pastoral psychology, Patristics, dogmatic theology, Byzantine Church history, statistics
    • • Pri­or Aca­demics: Pre­cep­tor, Prince­ton Univer­si­ty. Lec­tur­er: Ash­land The­o­log­i­cal Sem­i­nary, Univer­si­ty of Bucharest (Ful­bright Lec­tur­er). Profes­so­ri­al posts: Univer­si­ty of Cal­i­for­nia, Ash­land Univer­si­ty, Univer­si­ty of Upp­sala (In­sti­tute of The­ol­o­gy), Univer­si­ty of Iasi (Ful­bright Pro­fes­sor), Ion Min­cu Univer­si­ty of Ar­chi­tec­ture (Ful­bright Pro­fes­sor). Visit­ing Schol­ar: Har­vard Divin­i­ty School, Ox­ford Univer­si­ty, Univer­si­ty of Wash­ing­ton, Seat­tle, Grad­u­ate The­o­log­i­cal Union, Berke­ley. Ad­min­is­tra­tive: Aca­dem­ic Direc­tor, C.T.O.S., Ex­ec­u­tive Direc­tor, U.S. Ful­bright Com­mis­sion, Ro­ma­nia
    • • Awards: Ful­bright Schol­ar, Lar­son Fel­low in Health and Spir­i­tu­al­i­ty (Kluge Cen­ter, U.S. Li­brary of Congress), Chair­man’s Re­search Grant, Na­tion­al En­dow­ment for the Hu­man­i­ties, Mars­den Re­search Fel­low
    • • Mem­ber: Amer­i­can Psy­cho­log­i­cal As­so­ci­a­tion, Amer­i­can As­so­ci­a­tion of Univer­si­ty Pro­fes­sors, Ful­bright As­so­ci­a­tion. Board of Direc­tors: Cen­ter for the Study and Preser­va­tion of the Ma­jor­i­ty Text
  • Archimandrite Patapios
    • B.A., M.A. (Classics and Philosophy), Cambridge University
    • M.A. (Philosophy), Pennsylvania State University
    • M.A. (Classics), M.L.S. (Library Science), University of Pittsburgh
    • Lic. Theol. (Patristic Theology), C.T.O.S.
    • Th.D. (Patristics), Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley
    • • Areas: Latin, Greek, classical studies, an­cient and me­dieval phi­los­o­phy, Pa­tris­tics, Scrip­ture
    • • Pri­or Aca­demics: Aca­dem­ic Direc­tor, C.T.O.S., Lec­tur­er in Sa­cred Lan­guages, St. Joseph of Ari­math­ea Angli­can The­o­log­i­cal Col­lege, Ne­whall Teach­ing Fel­low, Grad­u­ate The­o­log­i­cal Union, Berke­ley, Visit­ing Schol­ar, G.T.U., Berke­ley.
  • Bishop (Emeritus) Sergios
    • B.A. (Philosophy), University of Connecticut
    • M.Div. (Theology), St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary
    • M.A. (Byzantine History), Fordham University
    • • Areas: theology, philosophy, Church history, Byzantine Studies
    • • Prior Academics: Faculty of History, University of Alaska Southeast.

Sometime Professor

  • Metropolitan Photiy of Triaditza
    • Theological Writer and Commentator, Chief Hierarch,
      Old Calendar Orthodox Church of Bulgaria
    • M.A. (Theology), St. Clement of Ohrid Theological Academy, Sofia, Bulgaria
    • M.A. (Classical Philology), University of Sofia
    • • Areas: Dogmatic and Practical Theology
    • • Prior Academics: Lecturer, St. John of Rila Theological Seminary
      (Bulgarian Patriarchate),
    • Assistant Professor of Ancient Greek Literature, University of Sofia
    • • Florovsky Theological Prize (1994)

Sometime Visiting Professor

  • Dr. Remus Rus
    • B.Th. (Theology), Theological Seminary of Caransebeş
    • Lic. Theol. (Theology), Institute of Theology, University of Sibiu
    • Postgraduate study: Oxford University, University of Sorbonne,
      University of Heidelberg (Theology, History of Religion)
    • Doctor of Theology (Theology, History of Religion), Patriarchal Faculty of Theology,
      University of Bucharest
    • Professor Emeritus, Patriarchal School of Theology, University of Bucharest
    • Associate Professor, UNESCO Program, Department of Philosophy,
      University of Bucharest
    • Associate Professor, Caragiale University of Theatrical Arts
      and Cinematography (Bucharest)
    • Former Visiting Professor, University of Chicago, St. Vladimir’s
      Orthodox Theological Seminary, Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology
    • Honorary Member of the Romanian Academy
    • • Areas: History of Religion, Philosophy of Religion, Orthodox Systematic Theology

Adjunct Professors

  • Dr. Augustin Ioan
    • Ph.D. (History of Architecture), Ion Mincu University of Architecture
    • Ph.D (Philosophy), University of Bucharest
    • Professor of the History and Theory of Architecture and Former
      Director of the Doctoral School, Ion Mincu University of Architecture
    • • Areas: History and theory of Church architecture
  • Dr. J.C.B. Petropoulos
    • A.B. (Classics), Harvard University
    • D.Phil. (Classics), Lincoln College, University of Oxford
    • Director, Harvard University Center for Hellenic Studies, Nafplion, Greece
    • Professor of Ancient Greek Literature, Democritean University of Thrace
    • • Areas: Ancient Greek, New Testament Greek, Writings of St. Basil the Great, classical philosophy and the Christian Fathers
  • Dr. Ernest Har­g­reaves Latham
    • B.A. (His­to­ry), Dart­mouth Col­lege (with dis­tinc­tion)
    • Ru­fus Choate Schol­ar
    • M.A. (His­to­ry), Roo­sevelt Univer­si­ty (with hon­ors)
    • Ph.D. (His­to­ry), Univer­si­ty of Bucharest
    • • Pro­fes­sion­al: Com­man­der, U.S. Coast Guard, For­eign Ser­vice Of­fi­cer, Unit­ed States In­for­ma­tion Agen­cy, Spe­cial As­sis­tant to the Direc­tor, USIA, As­sis­tant Public Af­fairs Of­fi­cer, Amer­i­can Em­bassy, Jed­da, Sau­di Ara­bia, As­sis­tant Press At­taché, Amer­i­can Em­bassy, Vi­en­na, Aus­tria, Su­per­vi­so­ry Po­lit­i­cal Of­fi­cer, Amer­i­can Em­bassy, Ni­cosia, Cy­press, Wash­ing­ton Direc­tor, For­eign Press Cen­ter, USIA, Cul­tur­al At­taché, Amer­i­can Em­bassy, Bucharest, Ro­ma­nia, Cul­tur­al At­taché, Amer­i­can Em­bassy, Athens, Greece
    • • Pri­or Aca­demics: In­struc­tor, Low­ell Tech­no­log­i­cal In­sti­tute, Ful­bright Schol­ar, Babes-Bolyai, Univer­si­ty, Cluj-Napoca, Ro­ma­nia, In­ter­im Ex­ec­u­tive Direc­tor, U.S. Ful­bright Com­mis­sion in Ro­ma­nia, In­struc­tor and Cur­ricu­lum Co­or­di­na­tor, For­eign Ser­vice In­sti­tute, U.S. Depart­ment of State
    • • Mem­ber: Amer­i­can His­tor­i­cal As­so­ci­a­tion, As­so­ci­a­tion for the Study of Na­tion­al­i­ties, As­so­ci­a­tion for Ro­ma­ni­an Stud­ies, As­so­ci­a­tion for Slav­ic, Eastern Euro­pean, and Eurasian Stud­ies, Amer­i­can-Ro­mani­an Acade­my of Arts and Sciences, South­east Euro­pean Stud­ies As­so­ci­a­tion
    • • Areas: His­to­ry, Ortho­dox pop­u­la­tions and cul­ture in the Balka­ns


  • Abbess Mother Dr. Elizabeth
    • B.A. (Family and Consumer Sciences), Ashland University
    • Lic. Theol. (Pastoral Theology), C.T.O.S.
    • Dr. of Min. (Pastoral Theology), San Francisco Theological Seminary
    • • Area: pastoral counselling
  • Schemanun Mother Justina
    • B.A. (Cinematography Arts), University of Stockholm
    • • Area: Iconography
  • Schemanun Mother Kassiane
    • B.S. (Psychology), Florida State University
    • M.Arch. (Architecture), University of Colorado
    • • Area: Church and vestment design
  • Schemanun Mother Kypriane
    • Dip. Theol. (Tre-Årig Teologisk Kurs) (Biblical Theology)
    • Johannelunds Theological Institute, Uppsala, Sweden
    • Lic. Theol. (Pastoral Theology), C.T.O.S.
    • • Areas: missions and parish activities
  • Reverend Father George Mavromatis
    • A.B. (Theology), St. Louis University
    • M.Div. (Theology), Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology
    • • Area: practical liturgics
  • Schemanun Mother Seraphima
    • B.A. (Ancient Studies), Barnard College, Columbia University
    • • Areas: Latin, literature, Russian spiritual culture
  • Hierodeacon Father Seraphim
    • M.A. (Structural Engineering), University of Architecture, Civil Engineering
      and Geodesy, Sofia, Bulgaria
    • Certificate of Theological Studies, Sts. Cyril and Methodius
      Theological Seminary (Odessa, Ukraine)
    • • Area: Instructor in Theological Studies and Faculty Translator, Bulgarian,
      Russian, and English


  • Archimandrite Patrick
    • B.A. (Art), Rhode Island School of Design
    • Prior Academics: lecturer/adjunct faculty, Roehampton Art Institute, Valamo Academy,
      Patriarch Athenagoras Orthodox Institute at the Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley
    • • Areas: Orthodox Iconography
  • Mateusz Ferens
    • B.A. (Applied Design), San Diego State University
    • M.A. (History of Art), University of California
    • • Areas: History and theory of Iconography
  • Reverend Dr. Jiří Ján
    • Dr. Theol. (Patristic Theology), Charles University in Prague
    • • Areas: Patristics, dogmatics, Orthodox ecclesiology
  • Daniel F. Lula, Esq.
    • B.A. (Pre-Law), Yale University
    • J.D. (Law), Harvard Law School
    • • Area: Legal issues and the parish community
  • Reverend Dr. Hariton Mrázek
    • M.A. (Sociology), M.A. (Theology), Dr. Theol. (Theology),
    • Charles University in Prague
    • • Areas: Patristics, religion in society
  • Dr. Leonidas Pittos
    • Ph.D., University of Chicago
    • Senior Lecturer in Modern Greek Studies,
      Department of Classical and Modern Languages,
      Wayne State University
    • • Areas: Early and Eastern Christian History, Byzantine and Modern
      Greek History, Modern Greek language
    • • Prior Teaching: University of Chicago, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Reader John Peter E. Presson
    • Dip. Theol., honoris causa (Byzantine Musical Studies), C.T.O.S.
    • Protopsaltes of the Diocese of Etna and Portland
    • • Area: lessons in Byzantine Chant
  • Protopresbyter Dr. James Thornton
    • A.A. (Humanities), Golden West College
    • Lic. Theol. (Historical Theology), C.T.O.S.
    • Dr. of Min. (Pastoral Theology), San Francisco Theological Seminary
    • • Areas: history of the Oecumenical Synods, Church history, dogmatic theology

Teaching Assistants

  • Schemamonk Father Chrysostomos
    • Dip. Theol. (General Theology), Lic. Theol., C.T.O.S.
    • • Areas: liturgical chant, computer programs for Church use, Greek
  • Archimandrite Gregory
    • A.A. (Social Sciences), Long Beach City College
    • Dip. Theol. (General Theology), C.T.O.S.
    • Lic. Theol. (Biblical Theology), C.T.O.S.
    • • Areas: apologetics, missionary outreach, pastoral issues, Biblical studies
  • Schemamonk Father Vlasie
    • Dip. Theol. (General Theology), C.T.O.S.
    • • Areas: Iconography, computer programs for Church use

Legal Advisor

  • Daniel F. Lula, Esq. (J.D., Harvard Law School)
    • (vide supra, “Lecturers”)
    • • Partner, Payne & Fears LLP, Attorneys at Law,
    • Irvine, Los Angeles, San Francisco, CA

Medical Consultant

  • Dr. Donald Solus (M.D., University of California, Davis)
    • 534 N. Main St., Yreka, CA 96097 • (530) 842-0606
    • • Yreka Immediate Care Clinic

Medical Advisor

  • Agnieszka K. Ferens, R.N. (B.S. in Nursing, California State University, San Marcos)


  • Archimandrite Gregory, Lic. Theol. (C.T.O.S.)
    • (vide supra, “Teaching Assistants”)

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